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Student Benefits

Student Benefits

At Elite Golf Academy, we strive to give our students all the tools they need to succeed. Getting great instruction is just the beginning of improvement. Unfortunately, just because you know what you should do does not necessarily guarantee that you can immediately implement it. The old saying "real versus feel" is very true when it comes to the golf swing. We are the only teaching facility in Greenville, SC or anywhere else in the Upstate area that provides our students unlimited practice with an instructor and JC Video to ensure they are correctly applying the necessary changes in their golf swing. During practice sessions, our students even get the option to practice with the laser to track the path of their club while they swing. This is amazing visual confirmation that you are on par and allows you to develop proper muscle memory. Our students are our number one priority and we are always open to suggestions on how to make our facility better.

  • Students receive a digital copy of all lessons
  • Students practice with an instructor
  • Students practice with laser that allows them to track the path of their swing while they swing
  • Students practice with the JC Video software to get visual conformation on what is really happening in their swing. Having the ability to review your swings allows you to make changes correctly and much faster than on the range.
  • Students have the ability to use the range function free of charge on any of our simulators with an appointment Monday through Friday.

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